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If you’re tired of the degenerate, anti-White mainstream culture, then help us build a better one.  The White Art Collective has been cultivating a community of artists and patrons for the last four years, organizing events (WAC Fest 2021), hosting and sponsoring contests (Spooky Short Film Contest, For the Lovers Songwriting Contest, Antelope Hill’s “Why We Fight”), producing shows (Saturday Night Live-Stream, Star Boat, Dance Squared, Conversations with the Wind), and working with businesses to build a better culture that represents our values, that we can be proud of, and bestow upon future generations.

With our NEW Patron Membership, for $10 a month (or greater if you choose), you can help us to continue the good work that we’ve been doing, and scale it up to bigger projects with higher production quality (including education, lectures and feature length films) all while getting access to exclusive content and potentially even invites to real, in-person events if you are interested in being vetted.

If we want a better culture and better future for our children, we will have to build it ourselves.  We would greatly appreciate your support in this worthy endeavor.

If you have any questions about the Patron Membership, please email us at [email protected]

Monthly Patron Membership – $10/month

Annual Patron Membership – $100/year

Artist Memberships

Please email Jeff at [email protected] before signing up for the Artist Membership.

Monthly Artist Membership – $10/month

Annual Artist Membership – $100/year